Author B. Troadec
Bertrand Troadec has been a senior lecturer in the Department of Developmental Psychology at Toulouse-Le Mirail University, France, since September 1996 (URI Octogone-ECCD – EA 4156). Previously, he worked as a primary school teacher in French Polynesia for 15 years. His main area of research is the relationship between culture and cognitive development and, more particularly, cultural variability in spatial orientation and metaphorical expression of time in Polynesian, Moroccan and French children. In 2006, he coordinated a special issue of the French journal Enfance on the topic of “Culture and Cognitive Development,” with the participation of J. Bruner (New York University, USA), A.-N. Perret- Clermont (University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland), P. Greenfield (UCLA, USA) and P. Dasen (University of Geneva, Switzerland) as well as other authors. He has published 6 books, 4 book chapters and 20 papers in a variety of academic journals.
Troadec B. (2007) Constructivism, Culture, and Cognitive Development: What Kind of Schemes for a Cultural Psychologist? Constructivist Foundations 3(1): 38–51. Fulltext at

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