Author E. Tuci
Elio Tuci is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, Middlesex University, UK. In 2003, he received a PhD in computer science and artificial intelligence from the University of Sussex, UK. In 1996, he graduated in experimental psychology from the University of Rome “Sapienza,” Italy. His research interests fall into the interdisciplinary domain of bio-inspired robotics and computational intelligence. His research activity consists in generating computational instances of relatively complex behavioural phenomena, possibly using the minimal set of mechanisms sufficient to underpin the target behaviour. Elio Tuci has co-authored about 70 peer-reviewed scientific publications and 4 book chapters.
Tuci E. (2018) On Plasticity and Granularity in Artificial Life Models. Constructivist Foundations 13(2): 292–293. Fulltext at

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