Author R. Tzur
Ron Tzur is Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Colorado Denver. His research has focused on children’s number and fraction knowledge, mathematics teacher development, and recently the use of a theory of the mind to study mathematical processes in the brain.

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Hunt J. & Tzur R. (2017) Where is difference? Processes of mathematical remediation through a constructivist lens. The Journal of Mathematical Behavior 48: 62–76.
Steffe L. P. & Tzur R. (1994) Interaction and children’s mathematics. In: Ernest P. (ed.) Constructing mathematical knowledge: Epistemology and mathematics education. Falmer Press, London: 8–32. Fulltext at
Tzur R. (2014) Second-Order Models: A Theoretical Bridge to Practice, A Practical Bridge to Theory. Constructivist Foundations 9(3): 350–352. Fulltext at
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