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Anderson M., Deely J., Krampen M., Ransdell J., Sebeok T. A. & von Uexküll T. (1984) A semiotic perspective on the sciences: Steps toward a new paradigm. Semiotica 52(1/2): 7–47.
Uexküll T. (1980) Talking in medical science: From objects to subjects. In: Benseler F., Hejl P. M. & Köck W. K. (eds.) Autopoiesis, communication, and society: The theory of autopoietic systems in the social sciences. Campus Verlag, Frankfurt: 113–124.
Uexküll T. (1982) Introduction: Meaning and science in Jakob von Uexküll’s concept of biology. Semiotica 42(1): 1–24.
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