Author J. Umerez
Jon Umerez currently works at the Departamento de Lógica y Filosofía de la Ciencia, Universidad del País Vasco / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea. Research interests Philosophy of Biology Philosophy and History of Science Complex systems and Artificial Life Biology and Society Public understanding of science Secondary Systems Science and Cybernetics Bioethics

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Moreno A., Etxeberria A. & Umerez J. (2008) The autonomy of biological individuals and artificial models. BioSystems 91(2): 309–319. Fulltext at
Moreno A., Umerez J. & Ibañez J. (1997) Cognition and life. The autonomy of cognition. Brain & Cognition 34: 107–129. Fulltext at
Umerez J. (1995) Semantic closure: A guiding notion to ground artificial life. In: Moran F., Moreno A., Merelo J. J. & Chaco P. (eds.) Advances in artificial life. Springer, Berlin: 77–94. Fulltext at
Umerez J. & Mossio M. (2013) Constraint. In: Dubitzky W. (ed.) Encyclopedia of systems biology. Springer, New York: 490–493. Fulltext at
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