Author T. Van Gelder

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Van Gelder T. (1995) What might cognition be if not computation? Journal of Philosophy 91(7): 345–381.
van Gelder T. (1998) The dynamical hypothesis in cognitive science. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 21: 615–665.
van Gelder T. (1999) Defending the dynamical hypothesis. In: Tschacher W. & Dauwalder J.-P. (eds.) Dynamics, synergetics, autonomous agents: Nonlinear systems approaches to cognitive psychology and cognitive science. World Scientific, Singapore: 13–28. Fulltext at
van Gelder T. (1999) Wooden iron? Husserlian phenomenology meets cognitive science. In: Petitot J., Varela F. J., Pachoud B. & Roy J.-M. (eds.) Naturalizing phenomenology. Stanford University Press, Stanford CA: 245–265.
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