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Pierre Vermersch, Psychologist, CNRS (1971, 2005). In 1986 he invented the explicitation interview technique; in 1991 he created the association GREX and the journal Expliciter,

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Depraz N., Varela F. J. & Vermersch P. (2000) The gesture of awareness: An account of its structural dynamics. In: Velmans M. (ed.) Investigating phenomenal consciousness. Benjamin Publishers, Amsterdam: 121–136. Fulltext at
Varela F. J. & Vermersch P. (1999) Fully embodying the personal level (Commentary). Behavorial and Brain Sciences 21: 777–778. Fulltext at
Vermersch P. (1999) Introspection as practice. Journal of Consciousness Studies 6(2–3): 17–42. Fulltext at
Vermersch P. (2009) Describing the practice of introspection. Journal of Consciousness Studies 16(10–12): 20–57. Fulltext at
Vermersch P. (2016) Notes on the Coupling between the Observer and the Observed in Psycho-Phenomenology. Constructivist Foundations 11(2): 391–393. Fulltext at
Vermersch P. (2018) Access Conditions to Past Experience. Constructivist Foundations 13(2): 235–237. Fulltext at
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