Author R. Videla-Reyes
Ronnie Videla-Reyes
is a doctoral candidate in Education at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain, Magister in Psychology and Magister in Latin American Studies from the University of La Serena, Chile. He is a Professor and Researcher in Cognitive Science and Mathematics Education at the Department of Education of the University of La Serena, Chile. His research interests are bodily phenomenology, enactive cognition and ecological psychology applied to the teaching and learning of mathematics, science and STEAM. He has trained in the fundamentals of cultural-biology with Humberto Maturana and Ximena Dávila at Escuela Matríztica.

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Díaz-Rojas D., Soto-Andrade J. & Videla-Reyes R. (2021) Authors’ Response: Fathoming the Enactive Metaphorizing Elephant in the Dark…. Constructivist Foundations 16(3): 289–294. Fulltext at
Díaz-Rojas D., Soto-Andrade J. & Videla-Reyes R. (2021) Enactive Metaphorizing in the Mathematical Experience. Constructivist Foundations 16(3): 265–274. Fulltext at
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