Author B. H. Vollmar
Bernhard H. Vollmar is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance at the PFH Private University of Applied Sciences Göttingen and heads the Center for Entrepreneurship. After studying business administration and receiving his PhD (“Trust and construction of realities”) at the University of Göttingen, he was Assistant Professor at the Endowed Chair for Entrepreneurship at the University of Oldenburg. His research interests focus on decision-making, communication, trust, organization, and non-dualizing philosophy as well as epistemology, philosophy of science, and methodology of economic sciences. He is co-editor of the book Homo interagens. Social interaction – a basic theoretical Discourse in Economics (2010).
Vollmar B. H. (2013) Economic Theory: A Field for the Application of Non-dualist Thought? A Clarification of Potential Epistemic Benefits. Constructivist Foundations 8(2): 216–226. Fulltext at

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