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Florentin Wörgötter has studied Biology and Mathematics in Düsseldorf. He received his PhD in 1988 in Essen working experimentally on the visual cortex before he turned to computational issues at the Caltech, USA (1988–1990).After 1990 he was researcher at the University of Bochum concerned with experimental and computational neuroscience of the visual system. Between 2000 and 2005 he had been Professor for Computational Neuroscience at the Psychology Department of the University of Stirling, Scotland where his interests strongly turned towards “Learning in Neurons.” Since July 2005 he leads the Department for Computational Neuroscience at the Bernstein Center at the University of Göttingen. His main research interest is information processing in closed-loop perception-action systems, which includes aspects of sensory processing, motor control and learning/plasticity.

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