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Uri Wilensky is the Lorraine H. Morton professor of Learning Sciences and Computer Science at Northwestern University. He is the founding director of the Center for Connected Learning, founding co-director of the Computer Science/Learning Sciences PhD program and co-founder of the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems. Wilensky’s award-winning NetLogo is the most widely used agent-based modeling environment. His theory of restructurations describes how knowledge and learning change in the context of computation, and its implications for making sense of complexity. He was an early advocate of integrating computation into all school subjects and has authored numerous computational science curricula.

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Hjorth A. & Wilensky U. (2014) Redesigning your city: A constructionist environment for urban planning education. Informatics in Education 13(2): 197–208. Fulltext at
Hjorth A. & Wilensky U. (2019) Authors’ Response: New Questions About New Methods in Old Contexts. Constructivist Foundations 14(3): 290–293. Fulltext at
Hjorth A. & Wilensky U. (2019) Studying Conceptual Change in Classrooms: Using Association Rule Mining to Detect Changes in Students’ Explanations of the Effects of Urban Planning and Social Policy. Constructivist Foundations 14(3): 272–283. Fulltext at
Wilensky U. & Papert S. (2010) Restructurations: Reformulating knowledge disciplines through new representational forms. In: Clayson J. & Kalas I. (eds.) Constructionist approaches to creative learning, thinking and education: Lessons for the 21st century. Proceedings of Constructionism 2010. Comenius University, Bratislava. Fulltext at
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