Author J. Yee
Joyce Yee
is a reader in design practice in the Department of Media and Communication Design, Northumbria University, UK. She holds a BFA in graphic design, an MA in visual communication and a PhD in design. Her academic research is divided into two main strands: one focusing on the impact and value of design in social spaces and the other on the epistemological and methodological implications of research through design. Her most recent book, Design Transitions, co-authored with Emma Jefferies and Lauren Tan, presents 42 unique and insightful stories of how design is changing around the world. She is currently involved in research projects investigating how design is being used as an innovation and a change management tool in both public and private sector organizations.

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Durrant A. C., Vines J., Wallace J. & Yee J. (2015) Authors’ Response: Balancing Openness and Structure in Conference Design to Support a Burgeoning Research Community. Constructivist Foundations 11(1): 37–41. Fulltext at
Durrant A. C., Vines J., Wallace J. & Yee J. (2015) Developing a Dialogical Platform for Disseminating Research through Design. Constructivist Foundations 11(1): 8–21. Fulltext at
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