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Zolo D. (1985) Reflexive Selbstbegründung der Soziologie und Autopoiesis: Über die epistemologischen Voraussetzungen der “allgemeinen Theorie sozialer Systeme” Niklas Luhmanns. [Reflexive self-justification of sociology and autopoiesis: On the epistemological prerequisites of Niklas Luhmann’s “general theory of social systems”] Soziale Welt 36(4): 519–534.
Zolo D. (1990) Autopoiesis: Critique of a postmodern paradigm. Telos 86: 61–80. Fulltext at
Zolo D. (1992) The epistemological status of the theory of autopoiesis and its application to the social sciences. In: Teubner G. & Febbrajo A. (eds.) State, law and economy as autopoietic systems. Guiffré, Milan: 67–124.
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