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Chien J.-P. (2006) Of animals and men: A study of umwelt in Uexküll, Cassirer, and Heidegger. Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies 32(1): 57–79. Fulltext at
Kögler H. (2009) Consciousness as Symbolic Construction: A Semiotics of Thought after Cassirer. Constructivist Foundations 4(3): 159–169. Fulltext at
Peterson T. E. (2011) Constructivist pedagogy and symbolism: Vico, Cassirer, Piaget, Bateson. Educational Philosophy and Theory 44(8): 878–891. Fulltext at
Weber A. (2004) Mimesis and metaphor: The biosemiotic generation of meaning in Cassirer and Uexküll. Sign Systems Studies 32(1/2): 297–307. Fulltext at
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