Key word "enigma"

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Brauckmann S. (2000) The organism and the open system: Ervin Bauer and Ludwig von Bertalanffy. In: Chandler J. & Van de Vijver G. (eds.) Closure: Emergent organizations and their dynamics. New York Academy of Sciences, New York: 291–300.
Fischer T. (2014) Circular causality and indeterminism in machines for design. Frontiers of Architectural Research 3(4): 368–375. Fulltext at
Glasersfeld E. von (2001) The enigma of consciousness, Report on Lucerne Conference. Journal of Consciousness Studies 8(4): 79–81. Fulltext at
Thomas T. (2013) Enigmatic mechanisms in defense of the capability to have new ideas. Kybernetes 42(9/10): 1374–1386. Fulltext at
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