Key word "explanatory pluralism"

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Casper M. O. & Artese G. F. (2020) Maintaining coherence in the situated cognition debate: What computationalism cannot offer to a future post-cognitivist science. Adaptive Behavior Online first. Fulltext at
de Jong H. L. (2001) Introduction: A symposium on explanatory pluralism. Theory & Psychology 11(6): 731–735.
Fabry R. E. (2017) Transcending the evidentiary boundary: Prediction error minimization, embodied interaction, and explanatory pluralism. Philosophical Psychology 30: 395–414. Fulltext at
Fabry R. E. (2018) Betwixt and between: The enculturated predictive processing approach to cognition. Synthese 195(6): 2483–2518. Fulltext at
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