Key word "multimodality"

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Chahine I. C. (2013) The impact of using multiple modalities on students’ acquisition of fractional knowledge: An international study in embodied mathematics across semiotic cultures. The Journal of Mathematical Behavior 32(3): 434–449. Fulltext at
Dos Santos Mamed M. (2018) Theorization and Relationships with Time: Some Reflections. Constructivist Foundations 14(1): 87–88. Fulltext at
Duijzer C., van den Heuvel-Panhuizen M. H. A. M., Veldhuis M., Doorman M. & Leseman P. (2019) Embodied learning environments for graphing motion: A systematic literature review. Educational Psychology Review 31: 597–629. Fulltext at
Radford L., Arzarello F., Edwards L. & Sabena C. (2017) The multimodal material mind: Embodiment in mathematics education. In: Cai J. (ed.) First compendium for research in mathematics education. NCTM, Reston VA: 700–721.
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