Key word "music knowledge construction"

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Reybrouck M. (2001) Biological roots of musical epistemology: Functional cycles, Umwelt, and enactive listening. Semiotica 134(1–4): 599–633. Fulltext at
Reybrouck M. (2017) Constructivist Foundations of Musical Sense-Making: Eigenbehavior and the Role of Circularity. Constructivist Foundations 12(3): 355–356. Fulltext at
Reybrouck M. (2017) Music knowledge construction: Enactive, ecological, and biosemiotic claims. In: Lesaffre M., Maes P. & Leman M. (eds.) The Routledge companion to embodied music interaction. Routlege, New York: 58–65. Fulltext at
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