Key word "mutualism"

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Fell L. & Russell D. (1994) Living systems – autonomous unities. In: Fell L., Russell D. & Stewart A. (eds.) Seized by Agreement, Swamped by Understanding: A collection of papers to celebrate the visit to Australia, in August, 1994, by Humberto Maturana. University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury: 43–70. Fulltext at
Glanville R. (2003) Second-Order Cybernetics. In: Parra-Luna F. (ed.) Systems Science and Cybernetics, Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, developed under the Auspices of the UNESCO. EoLSS Publishers, Oxford: electronic. Fulltext at
Read C. & Szokolszky A. (2020) Ecological psychology and enactivism: perceptually-guided action vs. sensation-based enaction. Frontiers in Psychology 11: 1270. Fulltext at
Szokolszky A., Read C., Palatinus Z. & Palatinus K. (2019) Ecological approaches to perceptual learning: Learning to perceive and perceiving as learning. Adaptive Behavior Online first.
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