Key word "observer dependency"

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Füllsack M. (2012) Communication Emerging? On Simulating Structural Coupling in Multiple Contingency. Constructivist Foundations 8(1): 103-110. Fulltext at
Füllsack M. (2014) The Circular Conditions of Second-order Science Sporadically Illustrated with Agent-based Experiments at the Roots of Observation. Constructivist Foundations 10(1): 46–54. Fulltext at
Schmidt S. J. (2008) Media philosophy – A reasonable programme? In: Hrachovec H. & Pichler A. (eds.) Philosophy of the information society. Proceedings of the 30. International Wittgensten Symposium Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria 2007, vol. 2. Ontos, Frankfurt: 89–105.
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