Key word "personal epistemology"

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Barger M. M., Perez T., Canelas D. A. & Linnenbrink-Garcia L. (2018) Constructivism and personal epistemology development in undergraduate chemistry students. Learning and Individual Differences 63: 89–101. Fulltext at
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Niessen T., Abma T., Widdershoven G., van der Vleuten C. & Akkerman S. (2008) Contemporary epistemological research in education: Reconciliation and reconceptualization of the field. Theory & Psychology 18(1): 27–45. Fulltext at
Popa I. L. & Kordeš U. (2014) Looking into self-exploration attitudes and ways of constructing experience. Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems 12(4): 314–322. Fulltext at
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