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Gipps R. G. T. (2020) Disturbance of ego-boundary enaction in schizophrenia. Philosophy, Psychiatry. & Psychology 27(1): 91–106.
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Kee H. (2020) The surplus of signification: Merleau-Ponty and enactivism on the continuity of life, mind, and culture. Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy 28(1): 27–52. Fulltext at
Nes A., Sundberg K. & Watzl S. (2021) The perception/cognition distinction. Inquiry, Latest articles. Fulltext at
Steiner P. (2018) Reading and understanding: On some differences between Wittgenstein and 4E cognitive science. Rivista Italiana di Filosofia del Linguaggio 12(2): 124–137. Fulltext at
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