Key word "relational biology"

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Bich L. & Damiano L. (2008) Order in the nothing: Autopoiesis and the Organizational Characterization of the Living. Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics 4(1): 343–373. Fulltext at
Korbak T. (2022) Self-organisation, (M, R)–systems and enactive cognitive science. Adaptive Behavior Online first.
Rubin S. S. C. (2017) From the cellular standpoint: Is DNA sequence genetic “information”? Biosemiotics 10(2): 247–264. Fulltext at
Zaretzky A. N. & Letelier J. C. (2002) Metabolic networks from (M, R)-systems and autopoiesis perspective. Journal of Biological Systems 10(3): 265–280.
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