Key word "relational domain"

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Kravchenko A. (2012) Linguistic representation of mental structures as a theme in scientific discourse [in russian]. In: Boldyrev N. N. & Demiankov V. Z. (eds.) Cognitive explorations of language. Volume 12. Tambov State Universdity, Russia: 205–216. Fulltext at
Kravchenko A. & Boiko S. (2013) Anglicisms in Russian in the context of the orientational function of language. In: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Language and Communication, 17–19 June 2013, Izmir, Turkey. Izmir University, Izmir: 233–246. Fulltext at
Virgo N., Egbert M. D. & Froese T. (2011) The role of the spatial boundary in autopoiesis. In: Kampis G., Karsai I. & Szathmáry E. (eds.) Advances in artificial life: Darwin meets von Neumann. 10th European Conference ECAL 2009. Springer, Berlin: 234–241. Fulltext at
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