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Arinin E., Lyutaeva M. & Markova N. (2022) Аутопойезис религии как социальной субсистемы: Рецепция идей Н. Лумана российскими исследователями религии [Autopoiesis of religion as a social subsystem: Reception of N. Luhmann’s ideas by Russian researchers of religion]. Религиоведение 1: 72–81.
Baron P. (2019) A Proposal for Personalised and Relational Qualitative Religious Studies Methodology. Constructivist Foundations 15(1): 28–38. Fulltext at
Baron P. (2019) Author’s response: The Value of No Value Judgements in Religious Studies. Constructivist Foundations 15(1): 45–49. Fulltext at
Baron P. (2019) Owning one’s epistemology in religious studies research methodology. Kybernetes 49(8): 2057–2071. Fulltext at
Frick M.-L. (2019) Reflecting and Explicating Biases in Social Research Is not a Self-Serving Enterprise but Should Lead to Reliable Knowledge. Constructivist Foundations 15(1): 43–44. Fulltext at
Gash H. (2019) Moving from Religious Studies to Social Justice and Politics. Constructivist Foundations 15(1): 39–40. Fulltext at
Minhoto L. D., Amato L. F. & Loschiavo M. (2022) Observing observers in social systems theory: An interview with Hans-Georg Moeller [Teaching is impossible, and learning inevitable: Comments on the epistemology of Humberto Maturana]. Tempo Social 33: 333–353. Fulltext at
Peters F. H. (2000) Neurophenomenology. Method and Theory in the Study of Religion 12: 379–415. Fulltext at
Richards L. D. (2019) Three Questions on the Relation between Religious Studies and Cybernetics. Constructivist Foundations 15(1): 41–42. Fulltext at
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