Key word "systemic therapy"

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Bilson A. (1997) Guidelines for a constructivist approach: Steps toward the adaptation of ideas from family therapy for use in organizations. Systems practice 10(2): 153–177. Fulltext at
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Mingers J. (1997) A critical evaluation of Maturana’s constructivist family therapy. Systems Practice 10(2): 137–151. Fulltext at
Pörksen B., Loosen W. & Scholl A. (2008) Paradoxien des Journalismus: Theorie – Empirie – Praxis. Festschrift für Siegfried Weischenberg. [Paradoxes in journalism: Theory – empirical research – practice. Festschrift for Siegfried Weischenberg] VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften,, Wiesbaden.
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