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Davies T. N., Hoffman D. D. & Rodriguez A. M. (2002) Visual worlds: Construction or reconstruction. Journal of Consciousness Studies 9(5–6): 72–87. Fulltext at
Glanville R. (1996) Communication without coding: Cybernetics, meaning and language (How language, becoming a system, betrays itself). Modern Language Notes 111(3): 441–462. Fulltext at
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Corris A. & Chemero A. (2019) A second-order intervention. Philosophical Studies 176(3): 819–826. Fulltext at
Oxford R. L. (1997) Constructivism: Shape-shifting, substance, and teacher education applications. Peabody Journal of Education 72(1): 35–66. Fulltext at
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Inkpin A. (2016) Phenomenology of language in a 4e world. In: Reynolds J. & Sebold R. (eds.) Phenomenology and science. Palgrave Macmillan, New York: 141–159. Fulltext at
Kull K. P. & Torop P. (2003) Biotranslation: Translation between Umwelten. In: Petrilli S. (ed.) Translation translation. Rodopi, Amsterdam/New York: 315–328. Fulltext at
Biggiero L. (2018) Providing sound theoretical roots to sustainability science: Systems science and (second-order) cybernetics. Sustainability Science 13(5): 1323–1335. Fulltext at
McGann M., De Jaegher H. & Di Paolo E. (2013) Enaction and psychology. Review of General Psychology 17(2): 203–209. Fulltext at
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Wu S. C. (2011) Autopoiesis and interpretive semiosis. Biosemiotics 4(3): 309–330. Fulltext at
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Wägenbaur T. (1997) Autopoetic autopoiesis: The emergence of systems theory in German Idealism. The European Legacy 2(2): 296–303. Fulltext at
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