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Jonassen D. H. (1991) Evaluating constructivistic learning. Educational Technology 31(9): 28–33. Fulltext at
Greening T. (1998) Building the constructivist toolbox: An exploration of cognitive technologies. Educational Technology 38(2): 23–35. Fulltext at
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Zevenbergen R. (1996) Constructivism as a liberal bourgeois discourse. Educational Studies in Mathematics 31: 95–113. Fulltext at
Brown L. (2015) Researching as an enactivist mathematics education researcher. ZDM Mathematics Education 47(2): 185–196. Fulltext at
Spiro R. J., Feltovich P. J., Jacobson M. J. & Coulson R. L. (1991) Cognitive flexibility, constructivism, and hypertext: Random access instruction for advanced knowledge acquisition in ill-structured domains. Educational Technology 31(5): 24–33. Fulltext at
Petraglia J. (1998) The real world on a short leash: The (mis)application of constructivism to the design of educational technology. Educational Technology Research and Development 46(3): 53–65. Fulltext at
Perkins D. (1991) Technology meets constructivism: Do they make a marriage? Educational Technology 31(5): 18–23. Fulltext at
Dick W. (1991) An instructional designer’s view of constructivism. Educational Technology 31(5): 41–44. Fulltext at
Merrill M. (1991) Constructivism and instructional design. Educational Technology 31(5): 45–53. Fulltext at
Cognition and Technology Group (1991) Technology and the design of generative learning environments. Educational Technology 31(5): 34–40. Fulltext at
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