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Drayson Z. (2009) Embodied cognitive science and its implications for psychopathology. Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology 16(4): 329–340. Fulltext at
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Powers W. T. (1974) Applied epistemology. In: Smock C. D. & Glasersfeld E. (eds.) Epistemology and education. Follow Through Publications, Athens GA: 84–98. Fulltext at
Janew C. (2020) The reality of free will. Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research 11(1): 1–16. Fulltext at
Di Paolo E., Thompson E. & Beer R. (2022) Laying down a forking path: Tensions between enaction and the free energy principle. Philosophy and the Mind Sciences 3: 2. Fulltext at
Ultanir E. (2012) An epistemological glance at the constructivist approach: Constructivist learning in Dewey, Piaget, and Montessori. International Journal of Instruction 5: 195–212. Fulltext at
Krahenbuhl K. S. (2016) Student-centered education and constructivism: Challenges, concerns, and clarity for teachers. The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies. Issues and Ideas 89(3): 97–105. Fulltext at
Gordon M. (2009) The misuses and effective uses of constructivist teaching. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice 15: 737–746. Fulltext at
Chapman C. R. & Nakamura Y. (1999) Pain and consciousness: A constructivist approach. Pain Forum 8(3): 113–123. Fulltext at
Jurgens A. & Kirchhoff M. D. (2019) Enactive social cognition: Diachronic constitution & coupled anticipation. Consciousness and Cognition 70: 1–10. Fulltext at
Campbell S. R. (2003) Reconnecting mind and world: Enacting a (new) way of life. In: Lamon S. J., Parker W. A. & Houston K. (eds.) Mathematical modelling. Woodhead Publishing, Sawston: 245–253. Fulltext at
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