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Glasersfeld E. von (1981) An attentional model for the conceptual construction of units and number. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 12(2): 83–94. Fulltext at
Schoenfeld A. H. (1992) Radical Constructivism and the Pragmatics of Instruction: Review of Radical Constructivism in Mathematics Education. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 23(3): 290–295. Fulltext at
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Richter H. (2021) Re-thinking poststructuralism with Deleuze and Luhmann: Autopoiesis, immanence, politics. In: Rae G. & Ingala E. (eds.) Historical traces and future pathways of poststructuralism: Aesthetics, ethics, politics. Routledge, New York: 183–203. Fulltext at
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Niaz M. (2008) Whither constructivism? A chemistry teachers’ perspective. Teaching and Teacher Education 24(2): 400–416. Fulltext at
Willis J. (1995) Recursive, reflective instructional design model based on constructivist-interpretist theory. [Constructivism in media research: Concepts, criticism, consequences] Educational Technology 35(6): 5–23. Fulltext at
Gruender C. D. (1996) Constructivism and learning: A philosophical appraisal. Educational Technology 36(3): 21–29. Fulltext at
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