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Kirschner S. R. (2015) Subjectivity as socioculturally constituted experience. In: Martin J., Sugarman J. & Slaney K. L. (eds.) The Wiley handbook of theoretical and philosophical psychology: Methods, approaches, and new directions for social sciences. Wiley-Blackwell, Medford MA: 293–307. Fulltext at
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Hepp A., Loosen W., Hasebrink U. & Reichertz J. (2017) Konstruktivismus in der Kommunikationswissenschaft: Über die Notwendigkeit einer (erneuten) Debatte. M&K Medien & Kommunikationswissenschaft 65(2): 181–206. Fulltext at
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Ben-Ari M. (2001) Constructivism in computer science education. Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching 20(1): 45–73. Fulltext at
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