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Gremmo M. J. & Riley P. (1995) Autonomy, self-direction and self access in language teaching and learning: The history of an idea. System 23(2): 151–164. Fulltext at
Thórisson K. R. (2012) A new constructivist AI: From manual methods to self-constructive systems. In: Weng P. & Goertzel B. (eds.) Theoretical foundations of artificial general intelligence. Atlantis Press, Amsterdam: 145–171. Fulltext at
Mossio M. & Bich L. (2017) What makes biological organisation teleological? Synthese 194(4): 1089–1114. Fulltext at
Iba T. (2010) An autopoietic systems theory for creativity. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 2(4): 6610–6625. Fulltext at
Nasuto S. J. & Bishop J. M. (2013) Of (zombie) mice and animats. In: Müller V. C. (ed.) Philosophy and theory of artificial intelligence. Springer, Berlin: 85–106. Fulltext at
Varela F. J. & Thompson E. (2003) Neural synchrony and the unity of mind: A neurophenomenological perspective. In: Cleeremans A. (ed.) The unity of consciousness: Binding, integration and dissociation. Oxford University Press, New York: 266–287. Fulltext at
Clancey W. J. (1991) Situated cognition: Stepping out of representational flatland. AI Communications: The European Journal on Artificial Intelligence 4(2/3): 109–112. Fulltext at
Clancey W. J. (1994) Situated cognition: How representations are created and given meaning. In: Lewis R. & Mendelsohn P. (eds.) Lessons from learning. North-Holland, Amsterdam: 231–242. Fulltext at
Dinter F. (1998) Zur Diskussion des Konstruktivismus im Instruktionsdesign. Unterrichtswissenschaft 26: 254–287. Fulltext at
Stolzenberg G. (2008) Review essay: A very bad argument: Paul Boghossian, Fear of Knowledge: Against Relativism and Constructivism. Social Studies of Science 38(6): 951–957. Fulltext at
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