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Tobin K. (1993) Constructivist perspectives on teacher learning. In: Tobin K. (ed.) The practice of constructivism in science education. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Hillsdale NJ: 213–226. Fulltext at
Forster P. (1999) Applying constructivist theory to practice in a technology-based learning environment. Mathematics Education Research Journal 11(2): 81–93. Fulltext at
Taylor P. C. (1998) Constructivism: Value added. In: Fraser B. J. & Tobin K. (eds.) International handbook of science education. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht: 1111–1123. Fulltext at
O'Shea T. (2015) A Law of One’s Own: Self-Legislation and Radical Kantian Constructivism. European Journal of Philosophy 23(4): 1153–1173. Fulltext at
Ray T. & Clegg S. (2007) Can We Make Sense of Knowledge Management’s Tangible Rainbow? A Radical Constructivist Alternative. Prometheus 25(2): 161–185. Fulltext at
Knorr Cetina K. (1993) Strong constructivism – from a sociologist’s point of view: A personal addendum to Sismondo’s paper. Social Studies of Science 23(3): 555–563. Fulltext at
Harvey I. (2017) Going round in circles. In: Knibbe C., Beslon G., Parsons D., Misevic D., Rouzaud-Cornabas J., Bredèche N., Hassas S., Simonin O. & Soula H. (eds.) Proceedings of ECAL 2017. The MIT Press, Cambridge MA: 198–199. Fulltext at
Le Moigne J.-L. (2001) Pourquoi je suis un constructiviste non repentant. Revue du MAUSS 17: 197–223. Fulltext at
Cyzman M. (2016) Po “tamtej stronie” interpretacji: Koncepcja interpretacji Ernsta von Glasersfelda i Josefa Mitterera [On the “other side” of interpretation: The interpretation concept of Ernst von Glasersfeld and Josef Mitterer]. Litteraria Copernicana 3(19): 73–86. Fulltext at
Cyzman M. (2015) Jak radykalna może być radykalna koncepcja interpretacji? O nie-dualizującym modelu interpretacji Josefa Mitterera [How radical may be the radical concept of interpretation? On the non-dualizing model of interpretation by Josef Mitterer]. Przegląd Kulturoznawczy 23(1): 1–14. Fulltext at
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