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Koelsch S., Vuust P. & Friston K. (2019) Predictive processes and the peculiar case of music. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 23(1): 63–77. Fulltext at
Heilbron M. & Chait M. (2018) Great expectations: Is there evidence for predictive coding in auditory cortex? Neuroscience 389: 54–73. Fulltext at
Hutto D. D. & Sanchez-Garda R. (2015) Choking RECtified: Embodied expertise beyond Dreyfus. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 14(2): 309–331. Fulltext at
Lebow D. (1993) Constructivist values for instructional systems design: Five principles toward a new mindset. Educational Technology, Research. and Development 41(3): 4–16. Fulltext at
Stepp N. & Turvey M. T. (2010) On strong anticipation. Cognitive Systems Research 11: 148–164. Fulltext at
Garzón F. C. (2008) Towards a general theory of antirepresentationalism. The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 59(3): 259–292. Fulltext at
Overgaard M. (2017) The status and future of consciousness research. Frontiers in Psychology 8: 1719. Fulltext at
Burman J. T. (2008) Experimenting in relation to Piaget: Education is a chaperoned process of adaptation. Perspectives on Science 16(2): 160–195. Fulltext at
Matthews W. J. (2003) Constructivism in the classroom: Epistemology, history, and empirical evidence. Teacher Education Quarterly 30(3): 51–64. Fulltext at
Luppicini R. & Schnackenberg H. (2000) In support of constructivism: Utilizing rational, moral and communicative frameworks to address frequently posited criticisms. In: Crawford M. & Simonson M. (eds.) Annual proceedings of selected research and development papers presented at the National Convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology 2000 in Denver, Colorado. Asociation for Educational Comunications and Technology, Bloomington IN: 228–236. Fulltext at
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