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Berland M., Baker R. S. & Blikstein P. (2014) Educational data mining and learning analytics: Applications to constructionist research. Technology. Knowledge and Learning 19(1–2): 205–220. Fulltext at
Gray J., Boyle T. & Smith C. (1998) A constructivist learning environment implemented in Java. SIGCSE Bulletin 30(3): 94–97. Fulltext at
Hadjerrouit S. (1998) A constructivist framework for integrating the Java paradigm into the undergraduate curriculum. SIGCSE Bulletin 30(3): 105–107. Fulltext at
Turkle S. & Papert S. (1992) Epistemological pluralism and the revaluation of the concrete. Journal of Mathematical Behavior 11(1): 3–33. Fulltext at
Ackermann E. (2010) Constructivism(s): Shared roots, crossed paths, multiple legacies. In: Clayson J. & Kalas I. (eds.) Constructionist approaches to creative learning, thinking and education: Lessons for the 21st century. Proceedings of Constructionism 2010. Comenius University, Bratislava: 1–9. Fulltext at
Müggenburg J. (2010) Modeling self-organization: How scientists at the biological computer laboratory came to grips with an elusive concept. In: Hunger H., Seebacher F. & Holzer G. (eds.) Styles of thinking in science and technology: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science, Vienna, September 10–12, 2008. Austrian Academie of Sciences, Vienna: 499–509. Fulltext at
Cooper R. (2007) An investigation into constructivism within an outcomes based curriculum. Issues in Educational Research 17(1): 15–XXXXX. Fulltext at
Strauss S. (1996) Confessions of a born-again constructivist. Educational Psychologist 31: 15–21. Fulltext at
Davis B. & Sumara D. (2003) Why aren’t they getting this? Working through the repressive myths of constructivist pedagogy. Teaching Education 14: 123–140. Fulltext at
Ramstead M. J. D., Kirchhoff M. D. & Friston K. J. (2019) A tale of two densities: Active inference is enactive inference. Adaptive Behavior online first. Fulltext at
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