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Lanillos P., Dean-Leon E. & Cheng G. (2017) Enactive self: A study of engineering perspectives to obtain the sensorimotor self through enaction. In: Editor (ed.) 2017 Joint IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning and Epigenetic Robotics (ICDL-EpiRob). IEEE, Piscataway NJ: 72–78. Fulltext at
Gårseth-Nesbakk L. (2011) Accrual accounting representations in the public sector – A case of autopoiesis. Critical Perspectives on Accounting 22(3): 247–258. Fulltext at
Carney J., Wlodarski R. & Dunbar R. (2014) Inference or enaction? The impact of genre on the narrative processing of other minds. PloS one, 9(12): e114172. Fulltext at
Hikaka G. & Prebble J. (2010) Autopoiesis and general anti-avoidance rules. Critical Perspectives on Accounting 21(7): 545–559. Fulltext at
Waser M. R. (2013) Safe/Moral autopoiesis and consciousness. International Journal of Machine Consciousness 5(1): 59–74. Fulltext at
Soto-Andrade J. (2018) Enactive metaphorising in the learning of mathematics. In: Kaiser G., Forgasz H., Graven M., Kuzniak A., Simm E. & Xu B. (eds.) Invited lectures from the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education. Springer, Cham: 619–638. Fulltext at
Stewart J. (2019) Neurophenomenology, enaction, and autopoïesis. Behavioral Neuroscience: online first. Fulltext at
Fischer-Lescano A. (2011) Critical systems theory. Philosophy & Social Criticism 38(1): 3–23. Fulltext at
Goldspink C. & Kay R. (2004) Bridging the micro–macro divide: A new basis for social science. Human Relations 57(5): 597–618. Fulltext at
Ostrom C. S., Martin W. J. & Zacharakis J. (2008) Autopoiesis and the cosmology of postmodern adult education. Adult Education Quarterly 58(4): 299–317. Fulltext at
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