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Cummins F. (2020) Zoom Out Camera! The Reflexive Character of an Enactive Account. Frontiers in Psychology 11: 919. Fulltext at
Pask G. (1981) Organizational closure of potentially conscious systems. In: Zeleny M. (ed.) Autopoiesis: A theory of living organization. North Holland, New York: 265–308. Fulltext at
Abramova K. & Villalobos M. (2015) The apparent (ur-)intentionality of living beings and the game of content. Philosophia 43(3): 651–668. Fulltext at
Haryadi H., Iskandar I. & Nofriansyah D. (2016) The constructivist approach: Radical and social constructivism in the relationship by using the implementation career level on the vocational education. Innovation of Vocational Technology Education 12(1): 16–21. Fulltext at
Tourmen C. (2016) With or beyond Piaget: A dialogue between new probabilistic models of learning and the theories of Jean Piaget. Human Development 59: 4–25. Fulltext at
Brentari C. (2013) How to make worlds with signs: Some remarks on Jakob von Uexküll’s Umwelt theory. Rivista Italiana di Filosofia del Linguaggio 7: 8–21. Fulltext at
Fultot M. & Turvey M. (2019) Von Uexküll’s theory of meaning and Gibson’s organism–environment reciprocity. Ecological Psychology 31(4): 289–315. Fulltext at
Lewis B. L. (1989) Self as a system: A second order cybernetic perspective. Journal of Strategic & Systemic Therapies 8(2–3): 65–72. Fulltext at
Kafai Y. B. & Burke Q. (2015) Constructionist gaming: Understanding the benefits of making games for learning. Educational psychologist 50(4): 313–334. Fulltext at
Bitbol M. (2019) Consciousness, being and life: Phenomenological approaches to mindfulness. Journal of Phenomenological Psychology 50: 127–161. Fulltext at
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