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Berkovich-Ohana A., Dor-Ziderman Y., Trautwein F-M., Schweitzer Y., Nave O., Fulder S. & Ataria Y. (2020) The hitchhiker’s guide to neurophenomenology: the case of studying self boundaries with meditators. Frontiers in Psychology 11: 1680. Fulltext at
Zuriff G. (1998) Against metaphysical social constructionism in psychology. Behavior and Philosophy 26(1/2): 5–28. Fulltext at
Gelman R. (1994) Constructivism and supporting environments. In: Tirosh D. (ed.) Implicit and explicit knowledge: An educational approach. Ablex, Norwood NJ: 55–82. Fulltext at
Smith J., Disessa A. & Roschelle J. (1994) Misconceptions reconceived: A constructivist analysis of knowledge in transition. The Journal of the Learning Sciences 3(2): 115–163. Fulltext at
Baggs E. & Chemero A. (2018) Radical embodiment in two directions. Synthese online first. Fulltext at
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