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Roth W.-M. (2010) Incarnation: Radicalizing the embodiment of mathematics. For the Learning of Mathematics 30(2): 8–17. Fulltext at
Aviram A. (2000) Beyond constructivism: Autonomy-oriented education. Studies in Philosophy and Education 19(5/6): 465–489. Fulltext at
Fabricius W. V. (1983) Piaget’s theory of knowledge: Its philosophical context. Human Development 26(6): 325–334. Fulltext at
Soto-Andrade J. & Yañez-Aburto A. (2019) Acknowledging the Ouroboros: An enactivist and metaphoric approach to problem solving. In: Felmer P., Koichu B. & Liljedahl P. (eds.) Problem solving in mathematics instruction and teacher professional development. Springer, Berlin: 67–85. Fulltext at
Heft H. (1981) An examination of constructivist and Gibsonian approaches to environment psychology. Population and Environment 4(4): 227–245. Fulltext at
Porr B. & Miller P. (2019) Forward propagation closed loop learning. Adaptive Behavior 28(3): 181–194. Fulltext at
Mark J. T., Marion B. B. & Hoffman D. D. (2010) Natural selection and veridical perceptions. Journal of Theoretical Biology 266(4): 504–515. Fulltext at
Mermin N. D. (1985) Is the moon there when nobody looks? Reality and the quantum theory. Physics Today 38(4): 38–47. Fulltext at
Hoffman D. D. & Singh M. (2012) Computational evolutionary perception. Perception 41: 1073–1091. Fulltext at
Gardt A. (2018) Wort und Welt: Konstruktivismus und Realismus in der Sprachtheorie. [Word and world: Constructivism and realism in language theory] In: Felder E. & Gardt A. (eds.) Wirklichkeit oder Konstruktion? Sprachtheoretische und interdisziplinäre Aspekte einer brisanten Alternative. De Gruyter, Berlin: 1–44. Fulltext at
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