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Li Q. (2018) Enactivism and teacher instructional game building: An inquiry of theory adoption and design consideration. Educational Technology Research and Development 66(6): 1339–1358. Fulltext at
Brown L. & Coles A. (2011) Developing expertise: How enactivism re-frames mathematics teacher development. ZDM – Mathematics Education 43: 861–873. Fulltext at
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Proulx J., Simmt E. & Towers J. (2009) The enactivist theory of cognition and mathematics education research: Issues of the past, current questions and future directions. In: Tzekaki M., Kaldrimidou M. & Sakonidis H. (eds.) Proceedings of the 33rd conference of the international group for the psychology of mathematics education. Volume 1. P. M. E., Thessaloniki: 249–278. Fulltext at
Samson D. (2010) Enactivism and figural apprehension in the context of pattern generalisation. In: Sparrow L., Kissane B. & Hurst C. (eds.) Shaping the future of mathematics education: Proceedings of the 33rd annual conference of the mathematics education research group of Australasia. MERGA, Fremantle: 501–508. Fulltext at
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Knorr-Cetina K. (1983) The ethnographic study of scientific work: Towards a constructivist interpretation of science. In: K. Knorr-Cetina Mulkay M. (ed.) Science observed: Perspectives on the social study of science. Sage, Beverly Hills CA: 115–140. Fulltext at
Deymi-Gheriani Z. (2016) Online language learning and teaching pedagogy: Constructivism and beyond. International Journal of Information and Communication Engineering 10(8): 3056–3062. Fulltext at
Petraglia J. (1998) The real world on a short leash: The (mis) application of constructivism to the design of educational technology. Educational Technology Research and Development 46(3): 53–65. Fulltext at
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