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Quick T., Dautenhahn K., Nehaniv C. & Roberts G. (1999) On bots and bacteria: Ontology independent embodiment. [Construction of one’s own reality] In: Floreano D., Nicoud J.-D. & Mondada F. (eds.) Advances in artificial life: Proceedings of the Fifth European Conference on Artificial Life. Springer, Heidelberg: 339–343. Fulltext at
Rao R. P. N. & Ballard D. H. (1999) Predictive coding in the visual cortex: A functional interpretation of some extra-classical receptive-field effects. Nature Neuroscience 2(1): 79–87. Fulltext at
Kyselo M. & Tschacher W. (2014) An enactive and dynamical systems theory account of dyadic relationships. Frontiers in psychology 5: 452. Fulltext at
Michaelian K. & Sant’Anna A. (2021) Memory without content? Radical enactivism and (post) causal theories of memory. Synthese 198(S1): 307–335. Fulltext at
de Bruin L. & de Haan S. (2009) Enactivism & social cognition: In search of the whole story. Cognitive Semiotics 4(1): 225–250. Fulltext at
Clark A. (2013) Whatever next? Predictive brains, situated agents, and the future of cognitive science. The Behavioral and Brain Sciences 36(3): 181–204. Fulltext at
Høffding S., Martiny K. & Roepstorff A. (2021) Can we trust the phenomenological interview? Metaphysical, epistemological, and methodological objections. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences Online first. Fulltext at
Nave K. (2021) Visual experience in the predictive brain is univocal, but indeterminate. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences Online first. Fulltext at
Madeira L., Filipe T., Cavaco T., Pienkos E. & Figueira M. L. (2018) The loss of nosological validity: Why and how should we consider disturbances of subjective world experience? Psicopatologia Fenomenológica Contemporânea 7: 29–46. Fulltext at
Di Paolo E. A. (2020) Enactive becoming. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences Online first. Fulltext at
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