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Petitmengin C., Beek M. B. M., Nissou J.-M. & Roepstorff A. (2017) Que vit le méditant? Méthodes et enjeux d’une description micro-phénoménologique de l’expérience méditative. [What is it like to meditate? Methods and issues for a micro-phenomenological description of meditative experience] Intellectica 67: 219–242. Fulltext at
Aden J. & Aden S. (2017) Entre je, jeu et jeux: écoute polysensorielle des langues pour une pédagogie énactive. [All ears: Listening from within and without: A polysensory experience of language perception for an enactive pedagogy] Intellectica 68: 143–174. Fulltext at
Auchlin A. (2017) Prosodie, expérienciation, énaction. [Prosody, experientiation, enaction] Intellectica 68: 99–122. Fulltext at
Raimondi V. (2017) Origines du langage et hominisation dans la perspective du languaging. [The origins of language: Hominization and languaging] Intellectica 68: 123–139. Fulltext at
Zautra N. (2015) Embodiment, interaction, and experience: Toward a comprehensive model in addiction science. Philosophy of Science 82(5): 1023–1034. Fulltext at
Kroeff R. F. S., Gavilon P. Q. & Maraschin C. (2016) O não-sentido na cognição enativa. [The non-sense in enactive cognition] Revista Polis e Psique 6(2): 204–210. Fulltext at
Chirimuuta M. (2020) The reflex machine and the cybernetic brain: The critique of abstraction and its application to computationalism. Perspectives on Science 28(3): 421–457. Fulltext at
Gallagher S. & Miyahara K. (2012) Neo-pragmatism and enactive intentionality. In: Schulkin J. (ed.) Action, perception and the brain: Adaptation and cephalic expression. Palgrave Macmillan, London: 117–146. Fulltext at
Aparicio J. J. & Moneo M. R. (2005) Constructivism, the so-called semantic learning theories, and situated cognition versus the psychological learning theories. The Spanish Journal of Psychology 8(2): 180–198. Fulltext at
Neubert S. & Reich K. (2018) Fake news and alternative facts: A constructivist critique of the current right-wing populist will to truth. International Research in Higher Education 3(1): 70–76. Fulltext at
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