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Taber K. S. (2016) Constructivism in education: Interpretations and criticisms from science education. In: Railean E. (ed.) Handbook of applied learning theory and design in modern education. IGI Global, Hershey PA: 116–144. Fulltext at
Miller E., Manz E., Russ R., Stroupe D. & Berland L. (2018) Addressing the epistemic elephant in the room: Epistemic agency and the next generation science standards. Journal of Research in Science Teaching 55(7): 1053–1075. Fulltext at
Räwel J. (2019) The origin of species through system differentiation: The evolution of living autopoietic systems. Kybernetes 49(10): 2365–2383. Fulltext at
Harries-Jones P. (2019) Diminishing dualism: Gregory Bateson and the case for heterarchy. Cybernetics and Human Knowing 26(1): 9–28. Fulltext at
James W. (1907) Pragmatism’s conception of truth. The Journal of Philosophy. Psychology and Scientific Methods 4(6): 141–155. Fulltext at
Clegg J. W. (2006) Phenomenology as foundational to the naturalized consciousness. Culture and Psychology 12(3): 340–351. Fulltext at
Carruthers P. & Veillet B. (2012) The case against cognitive phenomenology. In: Bayne T. & Montague M. (eds.) Cognitive phenomenology. Oxford University Press, New York NY: 35–55. Fulltext at
Fenwick T. (2000) Expanding conceptions of experiential learning: A review of the five contemporary perspectives on cognition. Adult Education Quarterly 50(4): 243–273. Fulltext at
Hutto D. D. (2011) Elementary mind minding, enactivist-style. In: Seemann A. (ed.) Joint attention: New developments in philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. MIT Press, Cambridge: 307–341. Fulltext at
Gangopadhyay N. & Kiverstein J. (2009) Enactivism and the unity of perception and action. Topoi 28(1): 63–73. Fulltext at
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