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Proulx J. & Simmt E. (2016) Distinguishing enactivism from constructivism: Engaging with new possibilities. In: Csíkos C., Rausch A. & Szitányi J. (eds.) Proceedings of the 40th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, Volume 4. PME, Szeged: 99–106. Fulltext at
Van den Berg M. E. S. (2013) An enactivist approach to teaching and learning critical reasoning in ODL. Progressio 35(1): 192–207. Fulltext at
Sumara D. J. & Davis B. (1997) Enactivist theory and community learning: Toward a complexified understanding of action research. Educational Action Research 5(3): 403–422. Fulltext at
Epp S., Reekie M., Denison J., de Bosch Kemper N., Willson M. & Marck P. (2021) Radical transformation: Embracing constructivism and pedagogy for an innovative nursing curriculum. Journal of Professional Nursing 37(5): 804–809. Fulltext at
Barger M. M., Perez T., Canelas D. A. & Linnenbrink-Garcia L. (2018) Constructivism and personal epistemology development in undergraduate chemistry students. Learning and Individual Differences 63: 89–101. Fulltext at
Krueger J. (2013) Empathy, enaction, and shared musical experience: Evidence from infant cognition. In: Cochrane T., Fantini B. & Scherer K. R. (eds.) The emotional power of music: Multidisciplinary perspectives on musical arousal, expression, and social control. Oxford University Press, Oxford: 177–196. Fulltext at
De Jaegher H., Peräkylä A. & Stevanovic M. (2016) The co-creation of meaningful action: Bridging enaction and interactional sociology. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 371(1693): 20150378. Fulltext at
Loaiza J. M. (2016) Musicking, embodiment and participatory enaction of music: Outline and key points. Connection Science 28(4): 410–422. Fulltext at
Visell Y. (2009) Tactile sensory substitution: Models for enaction in HCI. Interacting with Computers 21(1–2): 38–53. Fulltext at
Pitti A., Alirezaei H. & Kuniyoshi Y. (2009) Cross-modal and scale-free action representations through enaction. Neural Networks 22(2): 144–154. Fulltext at
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