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Solari H. G. & Natiello M. A. (2019) A constructivist view of newton’s mechanics. Foundations of Science 24(2): 307–341. Fulltext at
Kiverstein J. (2020) Free energy and the self: An ecological-enactive interpretation. Topoi 39(3): 559–574. Fulltext at
Litwin P. & Miłkowski M. (2020) Unification by fiat: Arrested development of predictive processing. Cognitive Science 44(7): e12867. Fulltext at
Hohwy J., Hebblewhite A. & Drummond T. (2021) Events, event prediction, and predictive processing. Topics in Cognitive Science 13(1): 252–255. Fulltext at
Walsh K. S., McGovern D. P., Clark A. & O'Connell R. G. (2020) Evaluating the neurophysiological evidence for predictive processing as a model of perception. Annals of the new York Academy of Sciences 1464(1): 242–268. Fulltext at
Álvarez-Vázquez J. Y. (2016) Animated machines, organic souls: Maturana and Aristotle on the nature of life. International Journal of Novel Research in Humanity and Social Sciences 3(1): 67–78. Fulltext at
Fabry R. E. (2017) Transcending the evidentiary boundary: Prediction error minimization, embodied interaction, and explanatory pluralism. Philosophical Psychology 30: 395–414. Fulltext at
Damiano L., Hiolle A. & Cañamero L. (2011) Grounding synthetic knowledge: An epistemological framework and criteria of relevance for the scientific exploration of life, affect and social cognition. In: Lenaerts T., Giacobini M., Bersini H., Bourgine P., Dorigo M. & Doursat R. (eds.) Advances in artificial life (ECAL 2011). MIT Press, Cambridge MA: 200–207. Fulltext at
Veloz T. (2021) Goals as emergent autopoietic processes. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 9: 720652. Fulltext at
Medina E. (2006) Designing freedom, regulating a nation: Socialist cybernetics in Allende’s Chile. Journal of Latin American Studies 38(3): 571–606. Fulltext at
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