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Graciano M. (1998) Biology, pragmatism and the question of contradiction. The Paideia archive: Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy 45: 108–115. Fulltext at
Di Paolo E. & De Jaegher H. (2016) Neither individualistic, nor interactionistic. In: Durt C., Fuchs T. & Tewes C. (eds.) Embodiment, enaction, and culture. MIT Press, Cambridge MA: 87–105. Fulltext at
Rodríguez Gómez S. (2019) Cartographies of the mind: Generalization and relevance in cognitive landscapes. Sign Systems Studies 47(3/4): 382–399. Fulltext at
Mojica L. (2021) The enactive naturalization of normativity: From self-maintenance to situated interactions. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 43(4): 1–27. Fulltext at
James M. M. (2022) Enacting ontological design: A vocabulary of change from organisms to organisations. In: Secchi D., Gahrn-Anderson R. & Cowley S. J. (eds.) Organizational cognition: The theory of social organizing. Routledge, New York NY: 259–280. Fulltext at
Schiavio A. & van der Schyff D. (2018) 4E music pedagogy and the principles of self-organization. Behavioral Sciences 8(8): 72. Fulltext at
Malinin L. (2019) How radical is embodied creativity? Implications of 4E approaches for creativity research and teaching. Frontiers in Psychology 10: 2372. Fulltext at
Baber C., Chemero A. & Hall J. (2019) What the jeweller’s hand tells the jeweller’s brain: Tool use, creativity and embodied cognition. Philosophy & Technology 32(2): 283–302. Fulltext at
Glenberg A. (2008) Embodiment for education. In: Calvo P. & Gomila A. (eds.) Handbook of cognitive science: An embodied approach. Elsevier, Dan Diego CA: 355–354. Fulltext at
Hutto D. D. (2020) From radical enactivism to folk philosophy. Philosophers’ Magazine 88: 75–82. Fulltext at
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