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Malinin L. (2016) Creative practices embodied, embedded, and enacted in architectural settings: Toward an ecological model of creativity. Frontiers in Psychology 6: 1978. Fulltext at
Kravchenko A. V. (2016) Эпистемологическая ловушка языка [The epistemological trap of language]. Tomsk State University Journal of Philology 3(41): 14–26. Fulltext at
Gatt S. (2005) Constructivism 25 years on: Its contribution, missed opportunities?. Faculty of Education, University of Malta. Fulltext at
Uexküll J. (2001) An introduction to Umwelt. Semiotica 134(1/4): 107–110. Fulltext at
Rubin S. & Crucifix M. (2021) Earth’s complexity is non-computable: The limits of scaling laws, nonlinearity and chaos. Entropy 23(7): 915. Fulltext at
Nomura T. (2000) A computational aspect of autopoiesis. In: Proceedings of the Fourth Asian Fuzzy Systems Symposium (AFSS2000). Tsukuba: 1–6. Fulltext at
Bosancic B. & Matijevic M. (2020) Information as a construction. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science 52(2): 620–630. Fulltext at
Aguayo C. (2019) Autopoiesis in digital learning design: Theoretical implications in education. In: Proceedings of the 2019 Conference on Artificial Life (ALIFE 2019). MIT Press, Cambridge MA: 495–496. Fulltext at
Agostini E. & Francesconi D. (2021) Introduction to the special issue “embodied cognition and education”. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 20: 417–422. Fulltext at
Reich K. (2007) Interactive constructivism in education. Education and Culture 23(1): 7–26. Fulltext at
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