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Bertalanffy L. (1950) An outline of general systems theory. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 1(2): 134–165.
Bohr N. (1950) On the notions of causality and complementarity. Science 111(2873): 51–54. Fulltext at
Foerster H. von, Mead M. & Teuber H. L. (1950) Cybernetics: Transactions of the Seventh Conference. Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, New York.
McCulloch W. S. (1950) Machines that think and want. In: Halstead W. C. (ed.) Brain and behavior: A symposium. Comparative Psychology Monographs 20, No. 1, Serial Number 103. University of California Press, Berkeley CA: 39–50. Fulltext at
Wiener N. & Rosenblueth A. (1950) Purposeful and non-purposeful behaviour. Philosophy of Science 17: 319–326.
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