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Ashby W. R. (1958) Requisite variety and its implications for the control of complex systems. Cybernetica 1(2): 83–99.
Foerster H. von (1958) Basic concepts of homeostasis. In: Homeostatic mechanisms (Brookhaven Symposia in Biology, No. 10). Brookhaven Laboratory, Upton NY: 216–242.
Maturana H. R. (1958) Efferent fibres in the optic nerve of the toad (Bufo bufo). Journal of Anatomy 92(1): 21–27. Fulltext at
Maturana H. R. (1958) The fine structure of the optic nerve and tectum of Anurans. An electron microscope study. Ph.D. dissertation. Harvard University, Cambridge MA.
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