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Foerster H. von (1960) Bionics in Bionics Symposium. Technical Report 60–600. Wright Air Development Division.
Foerster H. von (1960) On Self-Organizing Systems and Their Environments. In: Yovits M. C. & Cameron S. (eds.) Self-Organizing Systems. Pergamon Press, London: 31–50. Fulltext at
Foerster H. von (1960) Some Aspects in the Design of Biological Computers. In: Proceedings of the Second International Congress on Cybernetics. International Cybernetics Association, Namur: 241–255.
Foerster H. von, Mora P. M. & Amiot L. W. (1960) Doomsday: Friday, November 13, AD 2026. Science 132: 1291–1295. Fulltext at
Glasersfeld E. von (1960) The Milan project of mechanical translation. MULL: Modern Uses of Logic in Law 2(4): 141–142. Fulltext at
Lettvin J. Y., Maturana H. R., McCulloch W. S. & Pitts W. H. (1960) Two remarks on the visual system of the frog. United States Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Technical Report 60–77: 1–25.
Maturana H. R. (1960) The fine anatomy of the optic nerve of Anurans – An electron microscope study. Journal of Biophysical and Biochemical Cytology 7(1): 107–120. Fulltext at
Maturana H. R., Lettvin J. Y., McCulloch W. S. & Pitts W. H. (1960) Anatomy and physiology of vision in the frog (Rana pipiens). Journal of General Physiology 43(6): 129–175. Fulltext at
McCulloch W. S. (1960) What is a number, that a man may know it, and a man, that he may know a number?. General Semantics Bulletin 26/27: 7–18. Fulltext at
Pask G. (1960) The natural history of networks. In: Yovits M. C. & Cameron S. (eds.) Self organising systems. Pergamon Press, London: 232–261. Fulltext at
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