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Foerster H. von (1966) From stimulus to symbol. In: Kepes G. (ed.) Sign, image, symbol. George Braziller, New York: 42–61. Fulltext at
Glasersfeld E. von (1966) Beauty and the mechanics of perception. Rivista Pininfarina. Stabilimenti Pininfarina, Turin .
Glasersfeld E. von & Dutton B. (1966) Supralinguistic classification and correlators. Beiträge zur Linguistik und Informationsverarbeitung 9: 29–49.
Glasersfeld E. von, Burns J., Pisani P., Notarmarco B. & Dutton B. (1966) Automatic English sentence analysis. Final Report. AFOSR Grant 65–76. IDAMI Language Research Section, Milan.
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