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Foerster H. von (1969) Laws of Form (Book Review of Laws of Form, G. Spencer Brown). In: Whole Earth Catalog. Portola Institute, Palo Alto CA: 14. Fulltext at
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McCulloch W. S. (1969) Of I and it. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 12(4): 547–560. Fulltext at
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Pask G. (1969) The architectural relevance of cybernetics. Architectural Design 39(9): 494–496. Fulltext at
Pask G. (1969) The meaning of cybernetics in the behavioral sciences. In: Rose J. P. V. G. B. (ed.) The cybernetics of self-organization, learning and evolution. Edition echoraum, Vienna: 511–536.
Pask G. (1969) The meaning of cybernetics in the behavioural sciences. In: Rose J. (ed.) Progress of cybernetics. Gordon and Breach, New York: 15–44.
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