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Glasersfeld E. von (1982) Cheers for the champion? Problem Solving 4(9): 6.
Glasersfeld E. von (1982) Subitizing – The role of figural patterns in the development of numerical concepts. Archives de Psychologie 50: 191–218.
Glasersfeld E. von (1982) The abstraction of counting units. In: Wagner S. (ed.) Proceedings of 4th annual meeting of the north american group for psychology in mathematics education. NA-PME, Athens GA: 50–56.
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Hejl P. M. (1982) Die Theorie autopoietischer Systeme: Perspektiven für die soziologische Systemtheorie. Rechtstheorie 13(1): 45–88. Fulltext at
Hejl P. M. (1982) Sozialwissenschaft als Theorie selbstreferentieller Systeme. Frankfurt am Main, Campus.
Keeney B. (1982) What is an epistemology of therapy? Family Process 21: 153–168. Fulltext at
Levy R. I. & Rappaport R. (1982) Gregory Bateson 1904–1980. American Anthropologist New Series 84(2): 379–394. Fulltext at
Lorenz K. Z. (1982) Kant’s doctrine of the a priori in the light of contemporary biology. In: Plotkin H. C. (ed.) Learning, development and culture. John Wiley, Chichester: 121–143. Fulltext at
Luhmann N. (1982) Autopoiesis, Handlung und kommunikative Verständigung. Zeitschrift für Soziologie 11(4): 366–379. Fulltext at
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