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Anderson M., Deely J., Krampen M., Ransdell J., Sebeok T. A. & von Uexküll T. (1984) A semiotic perspective on the sciences: Steps toward a new paradigm. Semiotica 52(1/2): 7–47.
Bråten S. (1984) The third position – Beyond artificial and autopoietic reduction. Kybernetes 13(3): 157–163. Fulltext at
Breuer R. (1984) Self-reflexivity in literature: The example of Samuel Beckett’s Novel trilogy. In: Watzlawick P. (ed.) The invented reality. Norton, New York: 145–168. Fulltext at
Budnik V., Mpodozis J., Varela F. J. & Maturana H. R. (1984) Regional specialization of the quail retina: Ganglion cell density and oil droplet distribution. Neuroscience Letters 51(1): 145–150. Fulltext at
Carello C., Turvey M. T., Kugler P. N. & Shaw R. E. (1984) Inadequacies of the computational metaphor. In: Gazzaniga M. (ed.) Handbook of cognitive neuroscience. Plenum Press, New York: 229–248. Fulltext at
Cobb P. & Glasersfeld E. von (1984) Jean Piaget’s scheme and constructivism. The Genetic Epistemologist 13(2): 9–15.
Fleischaker G. R. (1984) The traditional model for perception and theory of knowledge: Its metaphor and two recent alternatives. Behavioral Science 29(1): 40–50. Fulltext at
Foerster H. von (1984) Disorder/Order: Discovery or Invention. In: Livingston P. (ed.) Disorder and Order. Anma Libri, Saratoga: 177–189. Fulltext at
Foerster H. von (1984) Erkenntnistheorien und Selbstorganisation. DELFIN IV: 6–19.
Foerster H. von (1984) Implicit Ethics. In: of/of Book-Conference. Princelet Editions, London: 17–20.
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